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Our Goal

Our goal is simple: “To Keep Real Talk and Real Music Alive” while also providing fun entertainment.  We are determined to keep "Old School Music" alive.  As a 24 hour Old School, Classic R&B internet radio station we are unique in that, at we also create a place for todays up and coming artist Known and Un-Known to be heard. has become one of the best commercial free station on the internet.

Our goal is simple...the preservation of Old School and R&B Music while at the same time providing a platform for new relevant artists of today!

However, providing this very unique goal comes with a cost. There’s no words to describe how much we love bringing you great music and truth talk radio to our dedicated listeners but we can’t continue to do all these things without your support. So we want you to know that your financial support is not just needed but most of all appreciated.

Where Your Money Is Used?

By becoming a support subscriber, your voluntary monthly or annual subscription enables us to pay for the costly bandwidth, equipment, software, other services required to keep the 24 hour station online, the substantial copyright royalties, the upkeep of The SGRadio Listeners content, the servers, online store and monthly maintenance fees .

How Much?

The amount of your contribution is up to you – based on your opinion of how much you enjoy our radio shows, the music and what you can afford. We at SGRadio want to extend our sincere thanks to all our listeners around the globe and to everyone that has contributed so generously in helping us continue to bring you the entertainment that we do.

Thank you!